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Shock and Strut Repairs for a Smooth Ride in Lynwood

Your vehicle’s shocks and struts are responsible for absorbing much of the vibrations from the road so you can enjoy a smooth ride. These key shock absorbers are subjected to normal wear-and-tear. That is why the Motorist Assurance Program (MAP) recommends having your shocks and struts replaced every 50,000 miles to ensure safety. If you have not paid your shocks and sturts much thought in a while, it might be time for a checkup. Bring your vehicle to ATL for a thorough inspection and best repair solution for your shocks and struts in the Lynwood area. Avoid the bumpy ride and stop by to get your shocks and struts examined.

technician inspecting brakes

When Was the Last Time You Had Your Shocks/Struts Examined?

The common rule of thumb cited by many authorities is to have your shocks and struts examined and replaced every 50,000 miles or thereabout. Safety comes in as the key reason for this maintenance step as replacing them improves your overall stopping distance by as much as 10 feet. This also significantly improves vehicle handling. Stability and a smoother ride are the other key benefits. Having a trusted professional examine and repair your vehicle is a good practice and can go a long way.

car strut

What to Expect When You Come to ATL Lynwood

Our dedicated team of professionals in our Lynwood shop is proficient at performing thorough examinations of the suspension system. We will recommend the best possible solution for your shocks and struts repairs and provide you with a free estimate. If your shocks and struts are holding up, we will simply recommend you to schedule a routine maintenance appointment. If they are no longer absorbing enough of the vibrations from the road it might be time to replace them altogether. We always offer a low price guarantee on our service at ATL with a national warranty so you have a peace of mind. Request your free estimate today.

Drive in for a Free Estimate Today!